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RAM 2016 In Review

This year presented us with challenges like none we have experienced before.

The Forsman Farms, Inc. project is by far the largest project to date for RAM, not only in contract value but in total square footage of all 10 buildings. When completed there will be 832,530 SF or 19.11 acres of buildings as part of a complex that will house over one million chickens and produce 279 million eggs per year.


Go Green with the RAM Machine

Since the 1970’s energy crisis, the research on solar cells to produce electricity has grown in popularity. At first the cost was outrageous and was an impractical solution. In the 1990’s the expense of solar panels decreased significantly. The cost and incentive plans through the government and utility companies have also helped to make this a more reasonable choice.

RAM's Evolution

RAM continues to grow throughout 2016. Our workload is increasing, and so is our need for more carpenters. We have hired additional carpenters, and are fortunate to be in the position to need even more carpenters. If you would like to apply for the position, please do. We are always looking for more hard working teammates.


Did you know that RAM does retrofit? We can rehabilitate your buildings due to age, accident, weather, or any other situation that may occur.



“I was very impressed with the overall process. From design and planning, to the actual building from first pole to last screw.  I will always be thankful for the quality building they built for me. It will be a value to us for many years to come. Thanks RAM for the quality building.” Brian Payne – Cyrus, MN

“We love our new Ram Building.  The building crew was very professional and friendly, we would use RAM again for our next project!”  Beachroller Company – Cross Lake, MN

RAM Customer Referal Program

Let RAM give you $100 per referral! If you love your post frame building and had a great experience with us, then please…Tell your family! Tell your friends!


Happy New Year

Team Work

It has been a busy year for both the companies, with many projects combining the forces of both RAM GC and RAM EXC to complete. A main factor this year was the weather!  It didn’t (and continues not to) cooperate with us on many of the jobs, but both our teams have managed to work hard to overcome all obstacles Mother Nature threw at them. 


The Green Red Meat

Miniature cattle are an up and coming market for gourmet restaurants and markets. Their leaner cuts and smaller portions are becoming increasingly popular for the health conscious eaters today. When eating grass fed beef you will find more omega-3 fatty acids, linoleic acid, and antioxidant vitamins. These nutrients reduce your chance of heart disease or cancer.


Mystery Question
Winner, Winner Italian Dinner!

Like RAM Buildings Inc page. Be the first to answer the question in the comments correctly within the post and win a $50 Olive Garden gift card.

What type of building did post frame construct originally?

A)    Storage

B)    Commercial

C)    Agricultural

D)    Equestrian

E)    Cabin

F)    Airplane Hangar

We Have an A+ Report Card!

The Better Business Bureau was founded in 1912. We are proud to be a part of this organization. The BBB provides a free service to the public offering them ratings on over 4 million businesses. It gives the consumer an opportunity to research businesses prior to a big purchase or investment. The purpose of the BBB is to encourage better business practices and set high business standards. The BBB also alerts the public of scams. We hope you feel better knowing we care about our clients and our work. We have A+ ratings to prove it!
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Bean Bag Tourney

Fun was had by all RAM employees on a beautiful summer afternoon this year. We had our annual Bean Bag Tournament and cookout.

Get to know the RAM Team

Get to know Mike Fitzloff (Fritz),
Dallas Eastman, & Tess Brezina.


Beat MN Winters

RAM Buildings, Inc. just completed working on an insulated 28’ x 24’ x 12’ Post Frame Building in Delano, MN. Post frame buildings continue to acquire more uses all the time. The customers opted to install a golf simulator. The entire building is used for golf simulation. It is as realistic as possible without being on the course. Minnesota’s cold winters’ won’t stop them from practicing their golf swing!

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